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  • Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9
Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9
  • Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9
  • Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9

Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Having addressed to the OOO "UKRINTERSTAL" company, you will be able to buy color and corrosion-proof hire, with delivery across Ukraine. Successful work on a rynkemetalloprokat allows us to provide to each buyer the most effective and favorable conditions of cooperation today.

Square corrosion-proof 04X18H9


The square corrosion-proof is a semi-finished product which has square shape in cross section.

The square (bar) is made from different marokstat 10kh17n13m2t, 20kh23n18, 12kh18n10t by means of cold and hot rolling. In a final stage of processing the surface of a corrosion-proof square or a product from it, can be mirror, supermirror, polished, or opaque.

Various brands became, mean various characteristics and properties of a corrosion-proof square thanks to which its application is possible in the most various areas of production. It is widely used in the food, chemical, building, paper industry. Often the square from a stainless steel is used as the independent bearing elements in supporting frameworks. Such designs can be operated at high temperatures and in hostile environment. Thanks to high resistance of stainless steel to external aggressive factors it is widely used in all regions of our country. Usually bars corrosion-proof process into metal rolling: rails, strips, channel, beam.

Bars their productions, corrosion-proof on a way, are classified on:

  • calibrated (GOST 8559-75) -
  • corrosion-proof hot-rolled (GOST 2591-88).

Are classified by length on:

  • unmeasured length -
  • measured length -
  • multiple measured length.

The square corrosion-proof is classified by rolling accuracy on:

  • category A – high accuracy -
  • category B – the increased accuracy -
  • category B – standard accuracy.

 LLC UKRINTERSTAL suggests to buy a corrosion-proof square of such brands as 12kh18n10t, 20kh23n18, 10kh17n13m2t, at the most optimum prices. In our catalog there is a big range of metal rolling which conforms to requirements and state standard specifications, for broad application. Having glanced in documentation, it is possible to get acquainted with the chemical composition, properties, and to mechanical qualities of a corrosion-proof square.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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